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Step I – Your Profile Step II – Your Profile Picture 3) Your albums.

Girls, if they like you in the chat, always look at the pictures and so do guys. So choose carefully what you show in your pictures.

So be creative, imaginative, and make something up.

It can be anything as little as- ‘Hey, I am a musician, and I need people, good listeners such as you, to comment on my music’.

– They comment on her status messages, comments that are totally unnecessary and would get you no where!

Note: I am not saying that these things don’t work, of course they are going to work if one does them consistently and the girl hasn’t deleted him yet; he might get a ‘Hi or hello or thanks’ from her, which is of course one of the exceptional cases because the girl is very polite.

The point behind focusing on your profile is that your profile represents you.

Even though she might not just read your profile right away, but once you strike an impression in her eyes, she will.

For example: Don’t put a picture such as: – You are smoking weed with your collar raised, wearing a cheap red-colored shirt and aviator shades.

Always remember: Your bad dressing sense takes a second for a woman to turn you down.

– Avoid wearing shirts if you are below 18, or if they don’t fit you and are bright colored.

Those of you who are not musicians might think that this doesn’t apply to them, but again, it’s only a pretext.

Go to any music site, there are a thousand people uploading their music videos covering established songs everyday; download one good acoustic track and sent it to her. You can find countless of creative things to use as pretexts.

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