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Some IPs in the e-mail headers are the IP addresses of your own mail server, in this case, which is Yahoo.

If she just recently joined and the counter already shows a lot of views, three times more than other pretty girls who joined about the same time, that means she IS mass-mailing everybody, the guys are looking because she mailed them = scam. Now, the main part: how do you know she is from Mari EL? If 2 The IP addresses are shown in bold (I show them in bold of course, in the real headers they are not going to be in bold! Those are the 4 groups of numbers, separated by dots.

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and Useful information about her click on the link above. Always report scammers to All Russian or All Siberian authorities. Her backgrounds will be that last sign that will brake the scammer back.

But without actual victims reports they are not going to do anything, besides if men don't report girl they will not have much info to work with! Just don't expect them to rush and arrest girl right after your report.

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