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Ask yourself if Triple H would be such a big deal in WWE if he wasn’t with Stephanie Mc Mahon.That’s just one example, but we aren’t looking at men benefiting from women in pro wrestling.Like Nikki, Brie is retired too, but she can rest easy knowing she was one of the more popular performers in the division, even if her most popular move belonged to Daniel Bryan. Michelle Mc Cool Michelle Mc Cool was perhaps the most dominant performer in WWE’s Women’s Division back when they were all still called Divas.Alongside Layla, Mc Cool pretty much dominated the entire women’s roster and booked way more strongly than anyone in the division was.Let’s flip the script and check out 10 female wrestlers that benefited from dating a top wrestler. Nikki Bella The more accomplished of the Bella Twins opens this list.

Mc Cool was always a good performer, but she became practically unbeatable in the last few years of her career.

WWE decided to make the Bella Twins the face of their foray into reality programming on the E Network.

Total Divas was technically an ensemble show, but it was obvious that WWE wanted to pay specific attention to the twins, especially Nikki, whose relationship with Cena made for entertaining viewing.

She may have found her end thanks to a combination of alcohol and pills, but in the eyes of any wrestling fan, she will always be Miss Elizabeth, one of the greatest women in the history of professional wrestling. One of the most charismatic performers of all time, Sunny wasn’t with WWE for a very long time, but she left a lasting impression on both the promotion and on audiences.

Sunny had a bit of a reputation backstage as a woman who enjoyed bouncing from relationship to relationship.

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With the Divas Championship dead in the water, no one is ever going to surpass Nikki’s reign with the butterfly belt, so her name is now forever etched in history.

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