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Notice at this point the following line is called (when you remove the selected item). wpf,alignment,label To have such a result, your grid must be really small.

I see at least 3 solutions to your issue: 1- Make your grid a bit bigger until it fits.

I have simplified this problem down as much as I can.

Basically I am overriding the "null" value of a combobox.

First I bound Item Source property in XAML than i set Display Member Path to First Name it means Listbox should display only values of First Name property available in Collection.

In Code behind, i created one class called People and created one Observable Collection of People class.

My example data item doesn't implement INotify Property Changed, but our actual data items do, so they update correctly.

I'm new to WPF and MVVM and i've an applicaton that uses Entity Framework to connect to database and a datagrid to show the users of the application.

Get Resource Stream(new Uri(image Path)); byte[] image Bytes = Read Fully(image Info. In short, you have set a local value on the Is Open property and that has a higher precedence than the value set by the Trigger.

The solution is to not set the local value, but to...

Now if I change selected item in any of the listbox it will automatically change selection in other listbox if the Is Synchronized With Current Item property is set to true in both Listbox.

Thanks, it's the Is Editable issue that is causing the problem for us - I wasn't aware of that specific behaviour.

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