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Facebook, in itself, isn't really a friend-discovery engine.

28, 2005 -- Vivox, a pioneer in context-specific communications services, today announced that it will power World Friends Networks' (WFN) new World Friends Phone service, which will allow WFN's half-million global users to communicate with each other via live text, voice or video chat.

Leveraging a carrier-grade communications platform, Vivox delivers solutions that fit our customers' unique businesses. About World Friends Networks World Friends Networks is the world's premiere provider of private label multi-lingual online personals.

World Friends Networks enables each of its website partners to have a best-of-breed online personals service using the partner's brand, while enjoying the combined user base of the entire network.

Some, like Tinder and Grindr, often overwhelm with hormones.

Others, like Her and Bumble, offer a gentler approach.

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"Vivox's technology enables us to elevate the level of service we deliver to our customers by allowing them to interact using the most powerful means of communication available - their own voice." In addition, serving as the platform for World Friends Phone, Vivox's technology will allow users to conveniently communicate with each other via instant messenger programs, regardless of the branded IM service they may currently use.

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