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It makes me sick to hear about the great "love" Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love had for each other.

I wouldn't call what was between them "love." It was co-dependence.

He was playing with Gibby Haynes on that night (Gibby was another one accused of mixing the drugs, but where did he get them from? Albini told journalist Greg Kot: 'Geffen and the band's management hate the record.

This was also the movie he allegedly got hooked on drugs in. We hear news this week that Prince's meds were mislabeled and his last Tweet was "Just when you thought you were safe" and he died in an elevator, after having a long fear of them and associating them with The Devil. Cobain's lawyer has now disclosed that Cobain was about to divorce Courtney. It was Courtney who got him hooked on drugs again so she could manipulate him. R18 I think it was the typical pull between an Exec wanting a band to stay more commercial, with the artists wanting to go in a different direction.Did he know something he wasn't supposed to about a deal made?Shortly before Cobain allegedly killed himself, he dedicated "Jesus don't want me for a sunbeam" at one of his shows to River:r26, Courtney signed a prenup agreement that she would not get any money if they divorced because she "didn't want his money" (yeah right). I'm not assuming you're a Courtney fan, but I do think it's interesting how gay men find fake "feminists" like Courtney to be "empowering", but feel threatened by real feminist bands like Bikini Kill.River's Father was a top "Family" leader in Venezuela before they left."The Bohemian Grove" was supposedly using child prostitutes from the cult and Elder Bush was one of the elite members who used to meet there with other Washington insiders.

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River was an environmental activist before it was cool.

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