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She never seems to compromise.”The tone is light and more than a little comic, with just enough action and suspense to keep things lively. (an early inspiration to the New Zealand-born Lawless ) or Jessica Fletcher before her — to take care of business.

Where many modern series would saddle Alexa with doubts and demons for the sake of creating drama, “Murder Is My Life” leaves her free — like Lt. Getting her industrial mixer to work — she bakes bread semi-professionally — is Alexa’s main personal challenge. They have a beautiful old amphitheater, and they do some pretty terrific operas every summer.

“She’s not beholden to police protocols anymore,” the actress says of Alexa.

Before that could happen, though, Lawless met executive producer Clair Tonkin, who came to her with the idea of back.

I want to feel good, for God’s sake, just for a moment when I watch TV instead of feeling [sighs] debilitated by the grimness on my Twitter feed, or whatever.

They were always looking to write in some URST — do you use that term in America? And I was like, “Absolutely not.” My character could not play it that way, because Bernie [Curry] looks like he could be my little brother.

“I’m very proud to have been any part in that lineage,” she says, adding that she “would like to be part of” one of those comic book film franchises in some way down the road.

Until then, “I’m a pretty lucky person,” Lawless says.

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