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As far as I could tell he isn't a dad just yet, but he did recently get married in August 2018.When I ask about his wife, von Detten describes her as "beautiful" and "driven," explaining that the couple met a few years ago through mutual friends.That's good work, but being a kids network regular can make it hard to be taken seriously as one matures.Leaving daytime drama for Disney may have sabotaged von Detten's adult career.Von Detten may have intentionally remained close to the Disney network because he's passionate about kids.He's been been photographed several times at kid movie premiers with his niece and nephew, and according to , he volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters."I really enjoy acting from time to time [when] I’ve had the opportunity to do it — the neighborhood play and whatnot," he shares, adding that a couple of years ago he was part of a Christmas play in a local theater in Santa Monica.

Hollywood might have an easier time taking him seriously if he were more involved in adult-oriented projects, rather than rehashing his glory days in the Magic Kingdom.

was one of the inaugural celebrity-staffed reality shows, and its end game was to challenge participants mentally and physically, while trying to uncover the mole—or in this case, the celebrity saboteur.

After van der Wal was exposed as the mole during the 2003 season, von Detten was axed, and Griffin snagged first place and the prize of nearly a quarter million dollars.

Like the kind of famous where you can't leave your house anymore.

In fact, when I inquire how von Detten perceives himself and his former career, he describes himself as "somewhat famous." He explains, "I never reached super fame, if you will.

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