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It also unveiled Ricki, a digital magazine containing parenting, fashion and fitness advice, which can be downloaded for free through i Tunes, Google Play and the App store.

Lake had considered getting back into the talk genre since October 2005, just a year after her original show ended in 2004.

On November 17, 2011, Lake's show was cleared in over 50% of the United States, with most of the major market commitments coming from Fox (including its co-owned KTTV/Los Angeles and WFLD/Chicago), Local TV and Sinclair stations.

By December 2011, Twentieth reported that the show had been cleared in over 80% of the country with more broadcasters (including Journal Communications and Hearst Television) adding the program to their outlets.

The quote thoroughly describes American actress Ricki Lander and her American billionaire and business magnate boyfriend, Robert Kraft.

(Survivor host Probst debuted his daytime talk show in September 2012.) On November 8, 2011, Twentieth announced that 11 of Tribune Broadcasting's stations picked up the show, with WPIX/New York City using the show to replace Anderson, which it lost to Fox-owned WNYW in 2012 due to the lackluster performance and timeslot WPIX had with the program.

During Feb 2017, Kraft was spotted with another woman enjoying a Celtics Game. He also explained that he worked seven days a week and tried himself to make quite a busy schedule.

Moreover, Robert Kraft was also spotted with another woman in a private party that he hosted before the year’s Super Bown game, which the Patriots won. It seems like Robert Kraft has found love in Ricki.

After several years of considering coming back to daytime with a new talk show, Lake signed on as both host and producer with 20th Television for this project, which debuted in United States and Canada on September 10, 2012, Lake's second talk show was very different from her old show, which focused more on taking topics from the younger person's point of view.

Additionally, the topics were not as sensational as the previous incarnation.

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In follow-up interviews since then, such as Oprah in 2010, Lake had consistently said "never say never" about hosting a new show, but that she is happy working on other projects. federal trademark registration number 85328080 was filed by 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, giving a description for the new show with the title as The Ricki Lake Show.

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