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These formed as the result of large volcanic explosions.

This image is a web site that documents the research on the varves from this location: Why is Lake Suigetsu a good place to examine varves?

The result is that the waters of Lake Suigetsu have little suspended sediment and the surrounding walls limit the wind on its surface so the waters are not disrupted.

Thus the center of the lake is extremely stable and unlikely to be disturbed by floods, large storms, etc…

Lake Suigetsu is one of five lakes that were formed from volcanic eruptions.

Annual varves are the product of changes in the composition of sediments and organic material deposited in spring and summer vs the fall and winter.

A varve is a pair of sedimentary layers, a couplet, that are believed to form in an annual cycle as the result of seasonal weather changes.

Typically formed in glacial lakes a varve couplet consists of a coarser grained summer layer formed during open-water conditions, and a finer grained winter layer formed from deposition from suspension during a period of winter ice cover. This dating method involves measuring the number of layers to determine the age for calibrating dating methods like Carbon-14 dating.

Below I introduce you to the varve deposits in Japan and then review how young earth creationists have responded.

An aerial map of Lake Suigetsu in Japan showing that it is part of a series of lakes.

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This provides researchers with increased confidence that the varves represent annual years and that the climatic influences on this lake in the past have been very similar to those of the present. There is strong seasonality in the this portion of Japan.

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