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Walk around the corner and you will see a farm house on your left. These Indians were indentified at this spot because of the distinctive point styles that are found as isolated finds or as small lithic scatters, which are scattered amounts of used stone tools. The construction of burial mounds became a large tradition for the Woodland group.

The little cornfield that is cut off by Highway 19 and Hellenbrand road is where the Statz Site was excavated. This prime location along the once flowing river of Six Mile Creek was perfect for hunting and trapping. The Woodland tribe grew tobacco at the Statz site, and also made pottery pipes to smoke this out of.

Beginning in 2011 and continuing until 2018, O’Connor solicited funds from several investors for investment in an entity he created entitled “Madison Financial Services.” As part of his solicitations, O’Connor made various material misrepresentations to investors regarding Madison Financial Services.

In fact, O’Connor used a large portion of the investors’ funds for his own personal expenses, including expenses related to his real estate development business and to repay other investors. The wire fraud and money laundering charges stem from O’Connor’s involvement in a large-scale investment fraud scheme involving a financial loss to multiple victims in excess of ,000,000. Blader, United States Attorney for the Western District of Wisconsin, announced that Patrick O’Connor, 61, Waunakee, Wisconsin, pleaded guilty today to wire fraud and money laundering. While the family was here, they rarely spent time in the keyhole houses, using them only for sleeping. This camp was only a seasonal camp occupied by a single family or small extended family.

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