Validating written work excuses

of them still (yes, I am not perfect and a work in progress), however I have changed a lot since I first came across them as my excuses were holding me back from living a life in harmony with my natural self.

To discuss these principles (awareness, alignment, now, contemplation, willingness, passion and compassion).

A few years ago (11/8/10) before I started focusing on Habits for Wellbeing, I wrote a blog post about excuses.

I no longer have that page, however during the past 24-48 hours, I was reminded about the post in my meditation as something has been bugging me and it had to do with excuses (a long list of explanations and defenses we create to protect us from vulnerability or being truly seen).

Interestingly enough, some of the excuses that I have shared with my coach and friends in the past were there as well as some excuses I have heard people say to me as a coach, teacher, friend and facilitator.

What are the Top 18 excuses that Wayne refers to in his book Excuses Begone!?

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