Upper class dating

i was lucky to get student loans but if my parents could have paid for my university why would i say no?

why make things more difficult for yourself unneccesarily?

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It was really weird to get to know them over time and see how horribly they treated each other.My ex-wife was from a wealthy but lower-class family who had fallen into money. She was very focused on appearance for others and was horrible with money, education, health, and relationships.Her whole family was horribly unhappy and consistently underperformed.His mom (mind you we were adults at this time) called mine to discuss our "lifestyle difference." Very odd.Then one of his friends went from liking me to downright i hate the resentment i hear in some people.

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After a quick glance at Wikipedia, we see that 25% of the population (75 million people) are under the age of 18.

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