Updating windows xp to sp3

You can change select a different color after completing the upgrade process.

Step 10: In a while you will see the Windows 8 Start screen.

Step 5: On this screen, you need to enter the product key.

So it won't offer any updates much less SP3, you will have to manually download it, install it and then windows update should offer the KBs released since SP3, be ready for a flood.

SP3 full download is in the order of 363MB if I remember rightly, I had to get someone on broadband download that for me (when I was on dial-up). would this be a legit place from which to download Windows XP SP3?

Make sure that your computer meets Windows 8’s minimum system requirements before upgrading to Windows 8.

Also make sure your PC’s processor is compatible with Windows 8 to avoid receiving “Your PC’s CPU isn’t compatible with Windows 8” error during installation.

Search for updating windows xp to sp3:

updating windows xp to sp3-50

Step 4: On the first screen, you will see two options: Go online to install updates now (recommended), No, thanks option.

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