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We listen to what our customers want and aim to deliver beyond expectation. you are getting freezes and any other anoma;ies or issues, you need absolutely to reflash your box with latest firmware How to Upgrade / Flash Firmware : 1- Download latest firmware from skybox’s official website : Get an USB stick formatted with fat 32 and put the doanloaded file into the root.

, also would the new channel list cover the full sat Arc ?

added internet update from front panel no need of connecting to any TV, Turn on tm-800 "Checking Key" message appears , press "EXIT" . fixed blue screen when Lan button press in booting.. when channel remove, all channel list in memory restore by default ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- LATEST IMPROVEMENTS 1. Old image was losing memory after few hours picture was freezing that bug of memory leak now fixed , Also freezing was not caused by heat it was memory leak, ------------------------- I you have image dated you can download by INTERNET pressing LAN blue button Or from off/on wait until you see checking key then press exit once it will download Or by mini web off/on see checking key press ok on the front panel ------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------TM800-UR-1.0.0-15/06/10 LATEST IMPROVEMENTS 1. 1-mgcamd1.35, mgcamd1.30 and mgcamd-config in blue pannel.

it will update by Lan with Latest image automatically , 4. 2-subtitle 3-teltext 4-when wrong channel list installed or pid Auto recovery updating function. 7-volume level 8-Fix for in front display after downloading a new image or other circuminstances. 1-Insert usb with imge unzippt /OFF/ON play with stand by button untill you see miniroot wait to see box ip press menu download will start.

) or, I am not sure of these other terms Software Files, phontompatches, Firmware ??????????

Please can anyone put me on the right track, what I have to do, many thanks.

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