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Picture suggestions would be even better as my husband likes to see how things look.Home design trends can be fickle, and sometimes circular.Vintage 1970s ranch style decor featured parquet wood flooring, vinyl sheet flooring and carpet.Walnut or other cool, dark wood hallways led to open living areas that had wall-to-wall deep-pile or shag carpeting, in either neutral browns or bolder oranges and greens.He's especially unsure of the limewash because he's afraid it could look stark white.I'm completely open to suggestions outside of what I've thought about.

Home buyers winced as they surveyed avocado-green appliances and orange countertops.As you can imagine, this love for outdoor spaces makes this house plan style a perennial favorite in coastal places like Florida and California, sun-drenched areas like the Southwest, and the rolling hills of Texas Hill Country and Midwest Prairie states.Other trademarks of this architectural style include: stucco on the exterior, a low-pitched, red-tile roof, one or two stories, asymmetrical layouts, and archways and exposed wooden beams framing rooms on the interior.Sofas were functional and comfortable--neither spare, like mid-20th century pieces or overstuffed, like some gargantuan sofas and chairs made in the early 1990s.An eclectic mix of period chunky-wood end tables and casual, streamlined modern furniture helps to keep the space from looking like the set of a 1970s-revival sitcom.

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Dark-wood paneled walls warmed the look of a room, but absorbed a lot of available light.

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