Updating recessed lights

Even spaces with a few inches of clearance can now accommodate a recessed light.

There are a range of sizes on the market, and the size of your trim really depends on your application.

It can be an intimidating project to take on in your home, but not to worry: Here, we’ve tackled the most common questions from our customers.

Also known as , depending on what part of the world you are from, recessed lighting is a type of lighting fixture that is just that: Recessed.

When we look at trim sizes, we are generally looking at the aperture measurement.

The aperture is the opening through which the light shines.

These components are designed to work together, so it is important to choose a trim and housing that are compatible.

While they do tend to look cleaner on a ceiling, smaller doesn’t necessarily mean better.

This means that it is highly dependent on the space it is going into.

The same lights that work brilliantly on an 8-foot ceiling will seem dim on a 15-foot ceiling.

Keep in mind that this dimension is not the overall dimension of the trim.

Historically, the “standard” size used in many residential applications was a 6-inch aperture.

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