Updating our mailing list

Select the check box next to each recipient that you want to include, and clear the check box next to each recipient that you want to exclude.

Should you wish to be included please email us [email protected] call 071 98 51375 Ensure you get notified with all the news and events coming up at Abbey Arts Centre!!

We offer more than 25 million business records and 245 million consumer records.

Create your perfect marketing list by choosing from hundreds of criteria options, including geography, income, sales volume, credit rating, and more.

Whenever you edit an individual entry in the combined list, the edited entry also updates in the original source file if that file is available for editing.

The more you target your mailing at a customer segment that is likely to be interested in a specific offer, the greater your mailing's rate of success.

Plan on devoting between a third and a half of your mailing campaign's time and budget to refining your mailing list for targeting appropriate customer segments.

For more information, see Create an Address List for mail merge.

Whether you have mailing lists or you purchase them, Publisher makes it easy to combine and edit customer lists from multiple sources in Publisher.

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No matter how clever your mailing is, it will have little impact if you send it to the wrong people.

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