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If you are using VPN and manage to check most of the dating apps (Tinder), you will get mostly hookers & call-girls.And the other sites like E-harmony & Match - those are women only looking for the “perfect” alpha male (even though they are no where near the word ‘perfect’)Your only hope is to meet them in parties, social events, gatherings, festivals & sporting events.and type out “Dubai Nightlife”You will get a screenshot like the one I have posted above.Now I have had to ‘blur’ the pictures / images because I didn’t want to get flagged for violating any policy of Quora - as some of the images can be ‘not-so-decent’So why did I upload this image?is your starting point no matter what you are looking for in the Emirates – love, flirt, adventure or pleasure.

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This was a question I once asked my friend in the Dubai Police. The answer is YES PROVIDED NO ONE KNOWS what you did, when you did it, with whom you did it and why you did it.

And his answer was classic - “No one reported this crime taking place.”I was like…er okay. Do whatever you have to do - but do not get caught. So as long as you can keep it “private” and “confidential” - it is all okay.

Because if you do get caught - then you are punished. Seriously speaking - Dubai, UAE is a Million times better than any city, country or state in the Middle East. Because at least you can walk with another person of the opposite gender ‘holding hands’ (thats it - DO NOT CROSS LIMITS) as ‘friends’.

So now in answer to your question - Is it allowed to date in Dubai, UAE. And if there is any place where this rule is not allowed - they are stated explicitly What I want you to keep in mind is this.

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