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In the case of Tibetan culture, curatorial staff in British and American museums cater to a variety of audiences, including Tibetans settled in the UK and US, and non-Tibetan Tibetan Buddhists.

The flames, drawn in traditional Tibetan style, represent the suffering of the Tibetan people, as well as the devastating and purifying force of truth.

The international advisory board is comprised of prominent personalities from around the world.

The centre functions under the auspice of a Board of Directors consisting of seven to twelve members from various sectors of society who act as trustees of the Centre.

Tibet has been imagined in a very particular way by Westerners for over a century: for example, as a fantasy world replete with mythical beasts, fantastic treasures and magical beings capable of defying death (Bishop, 1989; Lopez, 1998; Schell, 2000; Brauen, 2004).

Following the oppositional dualism which operates in Orientalist logic, Westerners have historically been simultaneously repelled and fascinated by Tibetan art; horrified and enchanted by Tibetan Buddhism (Lopez, 1998: 4; cf. It is through the latter, Tibetan Buddhism and especially the personage of the Dalai Lama, that most Westerners come into contact with Tibet, hence the emphasis has been on Buddhism in popular Western discourse concerning the region.

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