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action – allowing your selfish ex to continue this charade, and committing emotional adultery on your current boyfriend – says a lot about how you feel.Sure, he’ll beg to come back – because that’s HIS self-preservation mechanism – but you will be strong enough to resist him.Men don’t dump their girlfriends and move to other cities if they’re invested in the relationship.Because the message – YOU GOT DUMPED SO HE COULD SLEEP WITH STRANGERS – is lessened by the fact that he still calls you every day and talks about getting back together eventually.Until you cut him off, you will never be free to love again.My ex asks if I want to come back with him – but I’m worried that due to his past behavior (non-committal behavior) that he will just end up breaking my heart again and again just like before.Your ex knows it and loves it and exploits it mercilessly.But at the same time, I feel that I’m not available for this new guy and I feel that I am cheating on him.

Although the book and/ or system is based on core values and basics of the attraction and seduction skills, it isn’t the beginning and end of what is to offer!Because you’ll be looking in the eyes of your real boyfriend – the one who wants to be with you.If he was invested, then he would do everything in his power on a daily basis to make sure that the woman he loved was happy and wanted to stay with them.You already know this and you called attention to it in your email.With a pretty clear path, if you want to know the truth.

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