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Fans of the New Zealand-born actor, who’s best known for starring in the epic film However, loyal fans of the Irwin family are somewhat shocked that Terri Irwin would allow herself to become “the other woman.” The long and drawn-out split between Crowe and Spencer certainly hasn’t kept Irwin from dating Crowe on the sly for what some are saying has been an ongoing “secret” relationship for several months, maybe even several years.

The widow of STEVE IRWIN comforts their daughter BINDI when she misses her late father by playing her videotapes of the CROCODILE HUNTER’s TV shows.

The Irwins married in 1991, just eight months after meeting and falling madly in love.

The couple enjoyed a 14-year marriage and had two children, daughter Bindi and son Robert.

Crowe even introduced a public memorial service for Steve Irwin that was broadcast worldwide from the Australia Zoo’s Crocoseum on September 20, 2006, only 16 days after the beloved “Crocodile Hunter” died.

Now, some are saying that Steve Irwin was a devoted family man with strict family values who would be “rolling over in his grave” if he knew that his widow, Terri, was dating a married man.

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