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Start the conversation with love by sharing how you love them unconditionally, as I discuss in my blog 8 Things Every Father Must Teach His Daughter. That’s why I’m talking to you about this, why I’m doing this, and why I’m making this decision.” Once they know you have their best interests at heart, you will be free to explain your thoughts.

When you address tough issues with your teen or adult child, it’s important to be clear, but not cruel; attack the problem, not the person.

Once your child has listened and recognized your point of view, it’s time to explore options.

Talk through different solutions together—ask your child questions like, “So, given these concerns, what do you think we should do?

If he's not asking, there's no reason why you can be the one to bring up the subject.

Teen relationships face unique challenges and don't always last although they can lead to long-term commitments.

Hopefully, by this time, your child will have absorbed the wisdom you’ve shared over the years, enabling you to trust them to make wise decisions.

And, hopefully, they will honor you and trust you enough to follow your lead.

Instead, specifically address the potential red flags you’ve seen as a result of the relationship.

For example, you might say, “I noticed last week that you skipped your classes so you could spend more time with John. ” Of course, then ask follow up questions as necessary so your child can come to their own conclusion about the wisdom, or lack of it, in their decision.

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If it’s a serious relationship that might be heading toward marriage, you may want to give your child these Before You Say “I Do” Premarital Questions.

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