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It was while Kirsty was undertaking her Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in photography at the University of Tasmania that she invested her entire savings on a manual Hassleblad.It is with this camera that these photographs have been taken.But things can go wrong and it is important your child understands this.There are Commonwealth and state and territory laws against asking for, accessing, possessing, creating or sharing sexualised images of children and young people under 18.Having spent years devoted to the portrayal of loved dogs and other creatures through her Rappaw Prints greeting card range, Kirsty’s desire to promote awareness of the majesty undergoing desecration in Tasmanian forests became paramount.Sadly many of the trees featured in this collection have already been felled and beautiful fairylands laid to waste.It is important to talk with your children about the possible consequences of sending or sharing intimate or sexually explicit messages, images, photos or videos.And there are ways you can help if things go wrong.

Given the laws in this area are complex, it is important to be aware of the law and the legal services that are available to advise and support young people who have been involved in sexting.

Ali Huntir 2008 175 page Hard Cover book printed in Tasmania using Acid Free paper, Responsible Forestry Practices, ISO 9706 Longlife, Totally Chlorine Free paper with vegetable based inks.

Limited edition enlarged prints are also available.

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(2142 GMT on Friday), when the air temperature was just 5 Celsius (41 Fahrenheit). "I'll be 92 in 44 days, and so I thought I better do it while I still can." Now in its seventh year, the nude swim is part of Dark Mofo, a three-week winter festival of music and art that features exhibitions, light and sound installations, and live performances across Tasmanian capital Hobart.

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