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They are now 44 years old and have a 19 year old son named Dave. I mean Dave's a shy boy and I guess it's my duty as his mother to help him out with the ladies. There was a drop of clear precum on the tip of his dick, right at his piss slit.

She gave it a playful squeeze and Dave almost jerked with surprised and excitement. For the past week, she has been dressing scantily and bending down a lot more to show off her cleavage and provide him with perfect down blouse views. He was around 6 and a half inches long but thicker than normal men."Yeah, I'm fucking your tight pussy," Bill groaned. "Karen imagine I'm Dave." Karen's eyes lit up and she gave a lusty grin. "Bone me with your young hard prick." Bill was pounding her faster now as her dirty talk heightened his arousal. Karen could feel his cock swelling and knew too well that he was going to spunk soon. Bill collapsed on top of Karen after he recovered from his intense orgasm. "Judging by how much cum you left inside me, you must have came hard and long." "Yes, and it was all because of you talking dirty about Dave fucking you," Bill said. "Karen darling, we've been talking about incest for so long but we've never tried it," he said. "It seems so exciting, but it's also wrong." "Why don't we get Dave involved? Bill was feeling the tightness of his pants as he soon had an erection. Dave groaned as he felt his mom's mouth releasing his cock. I want you ready to get your first fuck and I don't want you to shoot too fast," Karen said. Dave was pushing his dick deep into his mother's mouth. Bill automatically took his place and started to fuck his wife's mouth. Karen faced Dave's feet and bent down so that she could suck her son's cock. She wasn't as tight as he thought, but how would he know. "This is where I came from, 19 years ago," Dave thought. He slowly erected his tongue and stuck it into her cunt hole, tasting more of her juices which spilled into his hungry mouth. He grabbed the sides of her head and slowly pulled her off his cock. When she got the head in, she took Bill's dick and pushed into the space of her mouth. Bill and Dave groaned as they felt their cocks rubbing against each other inside Karen's hot wet expert mouth.He felt his balls churning with the need to release cum. "Baby, that was one of the best orgasms ever," Bill panted as he lay on Karen. He then felt her grab him by his dick and was forced out the car. She had pulled down her dress so her tits were hanging out. They were round soft and there were big pink puffy nipples, the size of dollar coins. The three off them rushed upstairs, shedding their clothes. She started to slowly jack him off, licking his shaft and piss slit and sucking up any precum that was seeping out. The lips were covered in a thin wispy forest of blonde hair which was trimmed very neatly. Her pussy was dripping warm pussy juices onto his face, coating his nose, mouth and tongue. Dave licked the thick swollen lips of his mother's vagina. They could feel Karen's tongue licking both they shafts together. Bill reached down and started to play with Karen's tits, pinching and pulling her nipples. Karen and Bill allowed Dave to drink as long as he was responsible. Karen tried to up the level of teasing and 'accidently' grazed her hand over the bulge in his shorts. Tomorrow they would be going to a barbeque and there would be a lot of alcohol. The softness of her tits and the gentleness of her hand near his crotch was very exciting. The dress also showed off a lot of her back and skin, making her extra sexy.

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One night while Bill was slamming his cock into his wife, they were both talking dirty. Dave was getting more and more aroused and he thought about fucking his mother everyday. All three of them were in the kitchen eating breakfast. He felt an erection in his boxers, which he only wore with a gym t-shirt. When he wasn't turning back, he used the rear view mirror to catch the action. "Come on son," Bill said as he opened the car door. She cupped his balls and massaged them, making him grow near. Karen let go of Bill's prick and turned back to her son. He started to thrust his hips and fuck her mouth, shoving his cock deeper into her throat.

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