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I encourage you to share your stories and experiences with other people so that we may better serve the craigslist community, by making it a safer place. I frequently rent someone's apartment in Manhattan when I need to visit for business (or personal, occasionally).I noticed this time that some scammer has posted tons of apartments all over Manhattan.In the case of a marriage that fails, divorce records represent the most voluminous set of documents associated with the marriage.The default standard is that divorce records are public, with a few common exceptions.Other vital records searches include birth records, death records, and divorce records.

A court may seal some, but not all of the documents in a particular divorce case.Respect For Privacy Rest assured that all of your marriage records searches are 100% anonymous.Nobody will ever know that you are making these searches.Questions arise as to what types of records are available to the public-at-large.One of the most intimate, personal of all relationships is that associated with marriage.

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The possibility also exists that a divorce case may be sealed by the court.

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