Signs dating a loser

When you fall in love with a person, you are open to falling into the trap of confirmation bias.

You idealize and romanticize so many things about the person that you’re with and you end up blinding yourself to the aspects of that person that don’t really live up to your expectations and standards. That’s why so many men and women find themselves in relationships with losers – their love for their loser partners keeps them from seeing what they’re supposed to be seeing. You can’t afford to be blinding yourselves to the toxic aspects of a person’s personality if you’re going to fall in love with them. Every human being is allowed a few flaws and imperfections here and there.

He doesn’t get how human nature works – and he’s not worth being with. You feel like if you didn’t exist in his life, he would just crash and burn.

She came close to leaving him a couple of times, but he tells her he will be gone when she comes back, and she backs down. We can’t imagine that she will marry him, but she is making no effort to get away from him. Heart-broken By my calculations, she began her relationship with the Loser at about 16 years of age.

You want to love a person holistically and wholeheartedly.

And that means that you can’t be blinding yourself to their flaws.

He always turns to you to fix all of his problem for him.

You know that his life would be in absolute disarray if you weren’t around to pick up the slack on his behalf.

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