Short story about dating violence

This was Fran's first real relationship, which turned out to be an abusive relationship including serious violence which almost cost Fran her life.Hidden Hurt is financially supported solely by individual contributions from private persons and the small affiliate payments from book sales.Rape, violence, confinement, threats with weapons, death threats, stealing and destruction of property.I think he would be in jail for a long time if I had reported him. There is no proof other than the little bit of pain left in my heart from the years I wasted with a monster, caged in a n abusive relationship." Harriet's Domestic Abuse Story - Harriet's story starts like so many other with only ocasional violent attacks which she is able to ignore for the progress of the family, But over time the controling and jealousy became too much and the violent attacks to severe to be ignored any longer.Zena's Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Story - Within the first few years of her life, Zena experienced both child abuse and domestic violence, as well as witnessing domestic violence between her mother and her partner.This is Zena's amazing story of all that happend, the emotional and physical harm she experienced as a consequence and finally her couragous journey towards healing.Please also not that there is now a second page of personal domestic abuse stories here!

He changed from the friend she'd always thought she had into a manipulative man who couldn't care less about her (or their newborn son's) welfare.

If you feel Hidden Hurt is a useful resource and should and would like to help keep Hidden Hurt going, then please feel free to donate as much or as little as you like.

Have you ever gone out with someone who seemed perfect at first, but ended up being a nightmare?

I see that there were red flags from the day one, but I chose to brush them aside, biggest mistake ever.

In another of Lundy Bancroft fantastic books, The Batterer as Parent takes the reader inside of homes affected by domestic violence, imparting an understanding of the atmosphere that battering men create for the children who live with them.

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