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Some members of the Birchwood Community Council feel betrayed by a compromise proposal to bring Anchorage Water and Waste Water (AWWU) lines into their area from the Chugiak High School Vault to the North Eagle River Vault.Resolution AO 2017 153, proposed by Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, will have a public hearing November 21* to flush out concerns of residents for and against the line.Within these scenic miles is hidden a treasure trove of stories.From Native peoples to Russian fur traders, European explorers, and American gold prospectors, the quest for trade and treasures tested the limits of human endurance and inspired remarkable ingenuity.The United States’ 49th state boasts one of 49 National Heritage Areas across the country.The Kenai Mountains-Turnagain Arm National Heritage Area is a treasure trove of natural, cultural, and historic riches.

They understand that some people are perfectly happy to live on small lots; next to neighbors who can’t mind their own business dwelling in wall-to-wall condominiums or tract homes that are all variations of a cracker box.*Editor’s Note: Our apologies, we have since been informed that the public hearing is actually tentatively scheduled for December 19, November 21 is the first date the ordinance and resolutions will be introduced to the Assembly.So any comments to the Assembly, Mayor or AWWU should be prior to that date or at public testimony on that date.“We still have a 23’ transmission water line through our ‘no water and sewer’ Birchwood Community,” responded John Cruickshank, a long-time Birchwood resident, following distribution of the proposed resolution.The Congressional designation of the Kenai Mountains-Turnagain Arm as a National Heritage Area recognizes and promotes the cohesive nature of this enduring, dynamic transportation corridor.The National Heritage Area runs from the “Gateway City” of Seward north to Indian, and spans Whittier’s Prince William Sound port on the east to Cooper Landing on the west.

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