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The next, he was confessing an additional agenda: to meet a nice child. De Masi was apparently vague about what had happened, according to a deposition by Dr. Ingram recalled in his deposition, '' I am thinking about how he was a child psychiatrist and he was with children all the time, and I was thinking about how very smart he is -- he is a smart man -- and how his intelligence is organized around getting what he wants and not letting anything stand in his way.'' But Dr. De Masi molested a 10-year-old boy at Danbury Hospital in Connecticut. De Masi was cruising the neighborhood in a van and introducing himself to boys as a child psychiatrist. De Masi told acquaintances that he planned to go to another country, perhaps Thailand, that was less actively hostile to sex between adults and children. Law enforcement officials located him in Mexico in 1995 and extradited him to Connecticut, where he completed his sentence and was released from prison, without any probation conditions, on April 3. Williams said, referring to a male pedophile fixated on boys.

Ingram in a lawsuit triggered by that fateful therapy session. Ingram, by his own admission, did nothing to remove Dr. The lawsuit that the boy and his family subsequently filed against Dr. Almonte's mother, concerned that he was exhibiting suicidal tendencies, took him to Danbury Hospital. '' He can't help himself, he knows it and that's that.

One moment, Joseph De Masi was telling his psychiatrist, Douglas H. That disclosure illuminated more than a hidden facet of Dr. It also laid bare a possible motive behind his career path at New York Medical College, where he was a third-year resident, already armed with a license to practice medicine, and where Dr. Almonte during an investigation of other accusations of child molestation against Dr. Almonte and two boys unrelated to Danbury Hospital. Almonte's case was for risk of injury to a child, defined in Connecticut statutes as endangering a child's health or morals. De Masi was stripped of his medical license, served five years in prison and was released in 1992.

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(THECOUNT) — Instagram star, Ray Diaz, was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault Friday, according to LAPD.

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