Sex chatbot game

You have to code up the dialog-tree yourself, but once done the bot can respond sensibly depending on what the user picked.

”), as well as individual blocks (“where is the in the box”).Even if you know that to the computer is mostly empty tokens, it’s hard to not imbue them with the same semantics you would when talking to another person.At first sight this may look great: people are easy to fool with simple syntactic tricks!SHRDLU had a very simple Adapting the parser to larger, more complicated domains quickly became an unmaintainable mess.Also, the blocks world is wonderfully concrete and simple, an object is either a cube or it isn’t, it’s either red or it isn’t, etc. In ELIZA, people read layers of complexity into the conversation, and people did things like ask Weizenbaum to leave the room so they could talk to ELIZA in private.

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