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The theatre nurse offered to put a plaster over my wedding ring.

Instead, I took off my ring and gave it to my daughter, who was with me.“I hated the thought of them taking it from my dead body to give to her.

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Josh: damn Daniel Dan: f UCK Phil: ha ha ha I'm crying Tyler: damn Daniel back at it again with the hamsters Dan: fuck off fam thanks Patrick: YOU GUYS ADDED DAN AND PHIL MY GAY CHILDREN I ADOPTED THEM THEY ARE MY SONS Pete: ew pat that means incest wtf Patrick: ok true Patrick: sorry Phil ur kicked out of the fam Phil: wtf Patrick Dan: y ES I STILL HAVE PATRICK STUMP AS MY DAD Tyler: wait are we not going to acknowledge the fact Ray isn't gay????

Brendon: sush Brendon: do not break my rikey heart even more Ray: what Ray: I'm so confused wtf Patrick deleted Ray from the group Pete: bro Patrick: that's not what u called me in bed last night Pete added Ray to the chat Ray left the chat Pete added Ray to the chat Gerard: DID U GUYS DO THE FRICKEL FRACKLE HOLT SHIT Frank: gotta Zayn Mikey: y fam y do u break my 1D heart Gerard: mo IKEY YOUR BACK Mikey: yeh Josh: aw boo I'm sorry do u need coffee or ice cream or anything Mikey: no :) I'm :) perfectly :) fine :) Gerard: those smiley faces mean he's not fine Frank: no shit Sherlock Tyler: fuck off Watson Josh: I forgot u were Sherlock trash Tyler: I'm superwholock trash wdym Dan: s AME Dan: Destiel is my OTP Tyler: holy shit yes who's ur favorite character????

Dan and Phil have been added to the chat Brendon: sorry if I interrupted sex or something I wanted to add u two to The Gay Chat Mikey: we're still calling it the gay chat lol Ray: but I'm not gay....

But it was Holly who got the last word in with her eyebrow-raising choice of words to sum up the whole thing: "I bet they were delighted. Whether it's Holly messing up her opening lines or Phil managing a naughty Freudian slip, it just wouldn't be an episode of During a phone-in about viewers' horror moving stories, Holly and Phil heard from a viewer who worked as a rep for an "adult fun company" and managed to lose a bag of "merchandise" between moving homes. @hollywills @Schofe #thismorning E4ELJAk H— This Morning (@thismorning) March 29, 2018 Related: This Morning's Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield break down after 18-hour orgasm chat "I had a big bag of merchandise that I had to take to a party," the woman, Gail, explained."And when I came to unpack at the other end that was the only thing that had gone missing from the removal men." After confirming that she definitely didn't leave the bag behind by accident, the caller admitted that she didn't ring the removal firm to question what had happened.So, I said, ‘You look after it for me’.”But the awful ordeal didn’t end there as she contracted pneumonia which resulted in a collapsed lung.The nightmare continued for Fern, she added: “A day or so later, I developed pneumonia and my lung collapsed.

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Frank: did u really name ur fish after Shrek characters?

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