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In other cases, physical disability, illness, or injury might impair a motorist’s ability to perform these tests properly.Breath tests are only admissible if the test complies with strict regulations and mandatory maintenance procedures are followed.The decision to retain an attorney when an investigation is pending before formal charges have been filed can result in a far better disposition.

The statutory provision provides a non-exclusive list of offenses that merit a domestic violence charge: Society’s opinion on drugs has varied greatly over the past century or so.

Although pursuing employment, housing, and close personal relationships can always be complicated by a criminal conviction, a registrant will face more than the risk of incarceration, fines, counseling, and probation.

To determine the best possible sex crime defense strategy, our attorneys conduct a thorough evaluation of all factors involved in the case.

This “reasonable suspicion” must be based on articulable facts rather than mere speculation or guesswork.

These “divided attention” tasks must be conducted according to very specific procedures and evaluation guidelines.

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