Sagittarius dating sagittarius woman

It’s this access to the world Cancer will need to give Sagittarius.It’s the only way to make their partner comfortable in the relationship. With Jupiter as their ruling planet, they crave expansion and growth.If this duo arms themselves with tolerance and compassionate understanding, many obstacles are conquerable! But, as Lord Alfred Tennyson says, In the Cancer and Sagittarius love match, there’s a shared appreciation of things with comedic value. They are both smart and witty, so there’s always a punch line on hand at just the right time to drop one.They say laughter heals, but in this relationship, it serves as a bonding agent.Frequent dinner parties at home let Cancer show off their interior decorating skills.There’s the second benefit of getting Sagittarius to stick around the house occasionally.

Cancer has emotional needs demanding fulfillment in and out of the bedroom.

It is a world where Cancer dreams of living out a life in romantic bliss.

Sagittarius is the Explorer who is ever ready to set out on the next conquest.

Backyard barbecues swap out for dinner parties when the weather is nice.

The Cancer and Sagittarius relationship join the Mother and the Explorer archetypes. They are looking to create a compassionate and safe world for this pair.

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They don’t need emotional fulfillment to enjoy a good old-fashioned romp in the hay.

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