Rules of casual dating

They may not want to get involved in a committed relationship because their previous long-term relationship experience wasn’t particularly happy.

They may not know what they want from a relationship or have any idea who their ideal partner might be.

As harsh as it may sound, casual daters are generally filling in time with a random person until someone better comes along.

If you have feelings for the person you casually hook up with from time to time you have two options to consider.

Or they are seemingly happy to continue seeing you. A casual dater is unlikely to consider you to be their ideal partner – hence why your connection is casual.

Your second option is to start spending time with a new casual dating partner.

A committed relationship involves two people who are devoted to a shared experience.

Casual dating can involve spending time with one person, without any form of commitment, or multiple dating partners, simultaneously or over a period of time.

People who choose to date casually often do so for a number of reasons.

When it comes to a no-strings-attached connection the rules of casual dating should be carefully considered.

Casual dating is an experience that connects individuals who want to have some adult fun time but without the responsibility and restrictions that are part of a normal committed relationship.

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