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You can second guess what scenes are going to appear, the inspirational and motivating speech, the realism that this is a chance to do something worth while and of course the big finale where you get the expected and very cliché which reaches an emotional high.It's all far too familiar territory and whilst inspired by Pierre Dulaine's true story and I presume trying to stay close to the truth it feels like there is nothing new, no unique selling point to make it stand out.But then it is strangely entertaining and although it may not inspire you in the same way as other similar movies manage, it will get your foot tapping along to a great soundtrack. Letitia Wright is currently working on her upcoming productions.Even the fact that the kids learn the big life lesson through ballroom dancing doesn't feel like a real catch to make it stand out.As I mentioned earlier if I didn't know that this was inspired by Pierre Dulaine's true story I would have thought it was a manufactured feel good movie using the best bits of various others.

Despite the massive popularity, Wright has managed to keep a low profile personal life.On top of this I have to say the "Take the Lead" soundtrack is one of the most commercially entertaining I have heard for a while.It takes many of those classic pieces you would associate with ballroom dancing and then mixing them too a hip-hop beat.Then again he looks the part and excels when it comes to many of the more light hearted of moments.All of this probably sounds as though I thought "Take the Lead" was a really bad movie, but there is something very entertaining about it.

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