Regular expression for validating date format mmddyyyy in asp net love online dating service

Here is an example where we require a 4 digit number - nothing else is acceptable: The only new attribute we use, is the validationexpression.

This attribute simply holds the Regular Expression which should be used to validate the field.

Best,- Jerome____________________________________________________________This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. So far, my only success has come if I set the Mask Type=None and use my own javascript code to validate the date value... Should I just use my own solution or does someone know how to make the components in the toolkit work? NET 2.0 under VS2005 and the associated AJAX control toolkit. now i'm using the dd/MM/yyyy format for the date entry and i need to Validate end date like end date must me greater than or equal to start date.

otherwise, you can use format function when you save and display your dates in the formats you need, by specifying them as apr your requirement. You can apply the pattern you want directly in Date Time. It's gets even worse if I try to use the validator extender for masked edits. To Short Date String(); do you mean Ajax Calendar Extender ? How to use compare validator with dd/MM/yyyy format of date Hi all, I have a form of leave application that has 2 dates, start date and end date.

To String("MM/dd/yyyy");ch.padmavathi Hi check this link or try this : Date Time Start_Date = Date Time. I would like it in european style, DD/MM/YYYYHow do i do this? First, you should have the date start in a Date Time object. User enters date in "dd/mm/yyyy" format along with other data, and after that, the data is stored in mdf file using the following coding. Currently i'm using textbox with Calendar extender ajax toolkit control. If you still can't get it to work I will work it out with the AJAX Control. Is Greater(date One)); alert("Date One is greater ... i've a webform that allow people to enter a date in the format of "dd/MM/yyyy" and i've a regular expression to validate it.

hi, you can write a global function to pass in the (mm/dd/yyyy) and in that function what u can do is to use below code //It's in C# public static date Time convert String To Date(string current Date) Remember to import System. Format Dates, in DD/MM/YYYY form Hi, I have my website on an american web server which formats dates in this form, MM/DD/YYYY. & stored in mm/dd/yyyyy format in stead of dd/mm/yyyy dear all, my problem is related to date format ( i want to do that with compare validator but its not working properly because of the Date formats controls are using. Tech Lead, First My Blog Haven't tested with the referenced controls however, maybe this will be of some assistance. Is Greater = is Greater; //dd/MM/yyyy // Clearly instantiate a Date object with params as per your textboxes var date One = new Date(); date Full Year(2001,12,31); // 31st December 2001 var date Two = new Date(); date Full Year(2002,1,1); // 1st Jan 2002 alert("Date Two is greater : " date Two.

Date Time Format); Hope this helps you Good Luck Hi,try this Convert. HI, you can use the format method of the textbox and specify the date format in that. Have a Great Day Regards Ramu can u provide me with example so that i can see clearly what ur point..Hi, If possible ask the user to enter the date in dd-mmm-yyyy fromat so that, there won't be any confusion between month and date when you save your record in db. Masked Edit and Validator for Date formatted as yyyy-mm-dd I cannot seem to find any combination of parameters on the Masked Edit control that will allow me to create a textbox that accepts dates formatted as yyyy-mm-dd.

Please does any one know how i can convert the above in database n retrieve with format dd\mm\yyyy not mm\dd\yyyy display to I need input from user using text box which is like this dd mm yyyy and how can i manipulate so that i can save in db with default format mm dd yyyy?

dim strsql1 as string="insert into entrydet values (" & lastid & ", #" & dt & "#, #" & tm & "#, '" & fname & "','" & lname & "','" & vill & "','" & po & "','" & pur & "')" '[where dt represents the date variable in "dd/mm/yyyy" format]objcmd1=new oledbcommand(strs...changing date format to dd/mm/yyyy for range validator I am having a textbox an a calender , i want my client to select date from the calender and date should be in dd/mm/yyyy whereas date should be of tommorow and less than 3 days. But problem is now i have to insert this date into the db.

Problem in Date Comparison with Compare Validator in "dd/MM/yyyy" format I want to compare dates for that I have taken two textboxes in which dates are coming through ajax calendar in "dd/MM/yyyy" format I am using compare validator for comparing with condition that value in textbox2 should be greater than textbox 1 in textbox1 if I enter date suppose"10/03/2008" and in textbox 2 "11/03/2008" it works fine But in textbox1 if I enter "20/02/2008" and in textbox 2 "11/03/2008" it doesn't works and give message "value in textbox2 should be greater than textbox 1&quo... However I have one simple way to swith day and month. Text = "08/30/1999"; Date Time temp; temp = Convert. US: Joe Biden slams Turkey for ‘poor example’ of freedom of expression US Vice President Joe Biden has criticised Turkey for “setting a poor example” in the region concerning freedom of expression. Decoding The Facial Expressions Of The GOP Candidates Trump's "crooked contemptuous" smile, Rubio's sheepish grin, and Cruz's upper lip of disgust dominated the debate. You enjoy freedom of expression only because army guards borders: Delhi HC to Kanhaiya Kumar The bail granted to Kanhaiya Kumar comes with several conditions, directives to JNU faculty and some serious observations Bernie Sanders Brought His Finest Facial Expressions to the Democratic Debate You may not like Bernie Sanders as a presidential candidate, but you’ve gotta admit, this man’s got some pretty expressive peepers.

How to convert textbox value date from dd/MM/yyyy to MM/dd/yyyy I have the date in textbox in this format(dd/MM/yyyy), how can i convert textbox1date to MM/dd/yyyy.

cattabindex=4&category Id=5 This is good site where you can find regular expressions to use for future Farooq How to change date format from mm/dd/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy in sql server 2005 express edition I have a page where i m showing some data and date which is in mm/dd/yy format in detail view,but i want to show date in dd/mm/yy format. For that you can use a dataformatstring of "{0:..format being changed from mm/dd/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy hr:mm am Hello All,i am importing a excel sheet into a sql database. " and i have tried this also but getting the same error. I need a regular expression to validate DD-Mon-YYYY date Can someone please show me how to create a regular expression to validate the date in the following format. Instead of date("29-Jan-2004"), you need to use date(2004, 1, 29). How to validate date time format must be "yyyy/mm/dd"?

in the excel sheet i have column whose date format is mm/dd/yyyy (07/16/2008). Thanks That is the way in SQL Server's datetime data type before we have SQL Server 2008 available. Formatting the Date from dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy Hi, I have a textbox in which the date is coming from a javascript calendar in dd/m/yyyy format but i want to change that into mm/dd/yyyy. I use VS2003 , C# In my Layout have a Text Box for user to input Publish Datethe date time format must as "yyyy/mm/dd"layout like below Publish Date | Text Box | ex:2008/09/22but sometimes user just input 20080922 or 97/09/22 and so validate this Text Box must as "yyyy/mm/dd"?

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