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Before we talk further, let’s have a look at this View State demo. can be reapplied to data through View State properties after the data has been loaded and before it has been saved and tracked. Now if we reconsider the same page seen earlier ( with added paging, filtering and sorting & editing ) for some good 91 records.So, if you load data here, it is not saved in view state & not to mention you can also use caching here so you do not need to fetch data from database on every Post Back ! So for the 2nd screen shot above, my View State is 5544 bytes for 13 records, now let’s say that I just want to show the data the grid is read only and if you’re not doing any editing, by setting Enable View State=”false” and by doing only that for the 2nd image above my view state reduces from 5544 bytes to 304 bytes ! Let’s consider following scenario : now for the structure above, even if the Rad Grid has disabled View State, you still can do filtering, paging, sorting and editing… Okay so I loaded the Rar Grid and 1st of 10 pages ( as now I have paging as one of the enabled features ) and the View Sate sizes are : 8184, 8140, 8196, 8200, 8200, 8100, 8204, 8124, 8176 & 6068 bytes respectively …I’ve added many other functionalities to our site are now being used all over our organization and has set standards, like one to detect changes on a web form containing telerik rad controls / server controls / HTML controls …prompting users when trying to navigate the page away w/o saving etc.Our partner digital agencies, systems integrators and web development firms—many of which work with Fortune 500 companies like Pepsi, Dannon and others—deliver compelling digital experiences on the Sitefinity platform that drive business growth and increase customer loyalty.In most modern web browsers if you have focus in a text box and press the enter key it will submit your form for you.The enter key has a key Code of 13 so with a simple if statement we can test the key, if it is indeed the enter key then we can manually click the button we want.

Also telerik you can compress the View State (* but might not be the best option). Long Answer : (reason) it occurs before View State is tracked & restored. In other words, you can rebind the data here and once its available, anything has been changed like selected row index, paging etc.

I came across a situation where I wanted my aspx page to postback after a user makes a selection in a telerik radcombobox and then presses the enter key.

Normally this does not happen automatically like a regular text box so I need a solution: This client side event is wired up to the javascript function specified which accepts two arguments sender and args, as is seen below: You can access which key the user pressed in the args argument.

For Page Size 20, View State size counts changes to : 660 & 664 for rest 4 pages.

One little thing : Notice that now if try to edit the record and hit update, with disabled View State the value reverts back to original value.

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