Prevent silverlight from updating

Flash has similar issues and there are a couple workarounds.

Here's an article that details the issue and possible solutions.

I ran it for about a week just fine, but then it crashed and when it restarted, it was on version 53.I would suggest doing something like this: Say you have this for your xap in your html: t’s not very uncommon to run into .XAP caching, which means that every time you deploy a new version of the Silverlight application, the browser does not download the updated . One solution could be to change the IIS properties. XAP file, on HTTP Headers Tab, Turn on “Enable Content Expiration”, click the “Expire Immediately” radio button. The solutions mentioned here and other posts did not help me, consistently.I own this computer, it is my right to choose what updates to put on it.I feel violated as a customer, because microsoft still thinks they have permission to put stuff on my computer without asking me first. I'd rather have it nag me like windows 8 did to update to 10 than automatically update.

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