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I think the best part about reading it for the first time as an adult is how even more impressive it was to feel that MAGIC for the first time.

To be aware of how special these books are and how they hold up even more than I could ever imagined to the way people talk about them.

I mean, as soon as I would take a break from reading I was so happy to remember I had all of Twitter to lament with when my heart was breaking, because I was in fact clearly not the only person to ever experience it, but when I was in those moments, so 100% transported into the story, it was as if none of that mattered and the Harry Potter that I had was not even the Harry Potter I was experiencing. I had stayed relatively free of spoilers and never watched the movies (honestly the only big thing I knew was about Dumbledore) so I was going into all of this with no real ideas of what to expect (other than OH BEST BOOKS EVER ACCORDING TO THE WORLD) so everything was the most devastating blow as if I had read them when they were first coming out.

Harry Potter is my geeky passion of choice because, like millions of others, I’ve been a fan since I was a kid.

I would probably have to retire from blogging and go in the equivalent of the Witness Protection Program.

When I was reading it, it didn’t matter that I wasn’t reading it for the first time along with everyone else as a kid or that all around me is Harry Potter hype or that I felt like I was the last person on this earth of my age group to read it — it honestly felt like I was experiencing this thing that nobody else had and that maybe I was the ONLY person on earth to read it.

12 year old me might have felt deeply for Harry but I could have never read it the same way as I did now having experienced such loss.

I could have experienced those dark depths with Harry and it would have been super emotional because JK Rowling is brilliant but to feel it in such a personal way? One of the biggest examples of that is this one tiny part in Goblet of Fire: I wept at this scene as hard as I did some death scenes. I have memories of hugging my mom but they feel like a lifetime away because I was just a kid (we were not a huggy bunch once I got past middle school). Weasley all the surrogate moms I’ve had in my life.

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