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Volunteers travel to their placements from the volunteer accommodation via public transport or by foot.

The majority of the volunteer projects begin on the first and third Monday of every month.

The courses range from Open Water Diver through to Advanced Adventurer, and specialties such as Buoyancy, Marine Ecology, and Fish ID are also available for volunteers who have completed the Open Water and Advanced certification courses.

The Program Fee covers the cost of the required SSI online and in person training, full scuba equipment, and volunteer supervision from an experienced dive instructor.

Volunteers support a network of centers to recover food, in good condition, from local restaurants and supermarkets and then re-distribute the food among families, elderly and homeless in need.

If you are under the age of 18 at the time you are volunteering, you will need to provide a signed statement from your parents outlining that they give you permission to dive.The Construction and Renovation project aims to directly assist people living in poverty through repairing and rehabilitating houses and community associations.Volunteer tasks can include stripping and preparing walls prior to repairing, painting and decorating, installing bathrooms, installing water and electricity supply, as well as repairing roofs, floors and ceilings.As part of the Environmental Scuba Diving project you will complete internationally recognized SSI (Scuba Schools International) diving certifications.The certifications that you will complete depend on your current diving experience as well as your chosen program duration and the weather conditions.

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