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“We have a master bedroom, an office for each of us, and a guest bedroom, but secondary hookups take place elsewhere.I have every appreciation for couples who wouldn't find this awkward, but we're not among them!For example, if you're interested in meeting people who poly a specific way you might submit a question like: The idea of having a closed marriage with more than two people (like the show Sister Wives) is: A) Crazy. When I set it up through them, on the surface, things looked to be working fine.I won't make excuses, but yes, making that switch was a mistake, and I only just recently realized how bad that mistake was.I'm still at a loss of how to engage other women and explain the whole thing without it sounding weird or creepy.” —“We weren’t open the first time [we dated], so re-establishing our romantic relationship as open has taken some negotiating and getting used to…What's helped me is being explicit about our open monogamy, and also asking for verbal reassurances sometimes, which has sure made me feel kind of like a loser, but I know it's good and okay to ask for what you need sometimes.” —“My husband and I thought it would be fun to have new experiences, and we had been together for so long.

If you have issues, the contact form actually works and you get to talk to me.

It can be pretty fun and intense and exciting to have a new lover, and you can wind up really ignoring your primary partner.

The rule is, when you are physically with someone in the same room, be mentally present with them, too.” —“We shared with each other when we were seeing others or interested in others—communication was our number one rule.

” —“As to living arrangements, like much of life, it depends on how well-off the people are.

I'd love to have a dedicated "play" room, but the reality of real estate in Seattle makes that a non-starter.” —“I’ll usually go to a hotel if I'm meeting a girl.

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I had created Love several years ago, and it was decent, but not fantastic, and I'd thought that working through the white label would improve the experience.

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