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After years and years of listening to its users begging, Microsoft finally added an improved labeling option to Excel 2013.First, add labels to your series, then press Ctrl 1 (numeral one) to open the Format Data Labels task pane.Often you want to add custom data labels to your chart.The chart below uses labels from a column of data next to the plotted values.I’ve shown the task pane below floating next to the chart, but it’s usually docked off to the right edge of the Excel window. I also uncheck the Show Leader Lines option, which is another enhancement added in Excel 2013.Click on the new checkbox for Values From Cells, and a small dialog pops up that allows you to select a range containing your custom data labels. Leader lines are hardly ever useful for the charts I make, but many users are happy with them.

Sub Add Labels From Range Next To YValues() Dim srs As Series, rng As Range, lbl As Data Label Dim i Lbl As Long, n Lbls As Long Dim s Fmla As String, s Temp As String, v Fmla As Variant If Not Active Chart Is Nothing Then If Active Chart. Count = 1 Then Select Case Type Name(Selection) Case "Series" Set srs = Selection Case "Point" Set srs = Selection.

With a chart selected, click the Add Labels ribbon button (if a chart is not selected, a dialog pops up with a list of charts on the active worksheet).

A dialog pops up so you can choose which series to label, select a worksheet range with the custom data labels, and pick a position for the labels.

He wants to visually present the main types of errors the player made along with the unforced errors.

Here we will combine this two errors in a pie chart. The source data is shown below:1) Select the data.2) Go to Insert click on the drop-down arrow next to Pie Chart and under 2-D Pie, select the Pie Chart, shown below.3) Chang the chart title to Breakdown of Errors Made During the Match, by clicking on it and typing the new title.4) With the chart title still selected, go to Homeclick on the drop-down arrow next to fill, and Select More Colors as shown below.5) Select the Custom Tab, from the Colors Dialog box and enter R 204, G 246, B 174 to fill the background of the title with this light green color as shown below and then click Ok.6) With the title still selected, go to Home Font and change the font to Arial Rounded MT Bold, and the font size to 12 as shown below.7) Change the font color of the chart title to R 7, G 102, B 0.8) With the chart title still selected, go to Home Font and expand the Font section, in order to launch the Font Dialog box.9) Select the Character Spacing Tab and change the spacing to expanded by 0.5 points as shown below, and click Ok.10) With the chart title still selected, go to Chart Tools Offset Diagonal Bottom Right.11) With the actual chart selected, right-click the chart and choose Format Chart Area.12) In the Format Chart Area Panel, go to Chart Options and check the Gradient fill option.13) With the Format Chart Area Panel still open, go to the gradient stops section and click on stop 2 of 4, and then select delete gradient stop.14) Do the same thing for the remaining stop in the middle and delete it.15) There should now, only be two gradient stops left, so now select Stop 2 of 2 as shown below.16) Fill this stop with the White, Background 1, Darker 15% fill as shown below.17) Change the Gradient Type to Radial.18) Change the Direction to From Center.19) Close the Format Chart Area Panel.1) In cell A11, type the following text, Main reason for unforced errors and give the cell a light blue fill and a black border.2) In cell A12, type the text Sinusitis, and give the cell a black border, and align the text to the center position.3) Select the Unforced Errors data point only, (the currently orange shaded data point), since we now only want to format this particular data point with a specific formatting.4) Go to Chart Tools Click on the drop-down next to Shape Fill and select More Fill Colors.5) Select the Custom Tab, from the Colors Dialog Box, and enter the following values R 244, G, 198, B 43 and click Ok.6) With the data point still selected, go to Chart Tools Shape Styles and click on the drop-down arrow next to Shape Outline and select Weight and change the weight of the outline to ¼ points as shown below.7) With the data point still selected, go to Chart Tools Add Data Callout as shown below.9) Select only this data label and right-click and choose Insert Data Label Field as shown below.10) Select [Cell] Choose Cell from the options.11) Select the cell reference, which in this case is cell A12, so that if one changes the value in cell A12, i.e., let’s say there was another reason the player was not performing well, then the Data Callout will automatically update based on the value in this cell.12) Select the Data Callout and position it slightly to the left by just dragging it, and add a space between 74% and Sinusitis as shown.13) With the Data Callout Selected, go to Chart Tools Shape Styles and click on the drop-down arrow next to Shape Effects and select Shadow and choose Outer Shadow Offset Diagonal Bottom Right.14) Select the other data point solely and right-click and select Format Data Point.15) In the Format Data Point Panel, select Fill.16) Instead of Automatic, choose Pattern fill, and select the Wide downward diagonal pattern.17) Change the foreground color of the pattern to R 74, G 184, B 189 and the background color to R 222, G 242, B 243.18) Expand the border section, with the data point still selected, and change the width of the border to 0.25 points as shown below.19) Select gradient line, instead of Automatic.20) Close the Format Data Point panel, and add a Data Callout to this data point.21) With the Data Callout selected, for this particular data point solely.22) Go to Chart Tools Below.23) Delete the legend since the information needed, is already displayed in the data callouts and increase the size of the chart to 8.71 cm by 14.45 cm.

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