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At one point, she was even rated as high as Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman in terms of popularity. "Back in the day, they would give us for 12 hours. , the distinctive spiderweb on her neck is fake, as is the cross on her back.And that's not to say that a woman couldn't or wouldn't ever be as popular as a male actor, but we feel like standing shoulder to shoulder with Forrest Gump and/or God is an achievement worth mentioning. However, some of Pauley Perrette's real tattoos do make it into the show."I've always been obsessed with crime," she said, adding, "Not committing them but solving them." And yet, the actress told she has no regrets about choosing a life of "fighting fake crime," as she phrases it."Because I love my job and I am really grateful, but I am still kind of like, 'What? ' It's so weird." We're guessing the pay to fight "fake crime" is far better by comparison, too.

When I get hit up on Twitter by extremely bigoted people, or extremely bigoted organizations, I'm so proud of myself because I know that I'm doing the right thing. I would be someone I couldn't, shouldn't be around." Perrette's LGBTQ activism has continued.She that talking to God is "like a conversation," and that even though there were times when she didn't go to church, her faith had always been strong enough to get her through the toughest times.Perrette blended her faith with her activism when she spearheaded a movement to revive the Red AIDS Ribbons that hung on the outside of the church as a symbol of solidarity with people suffering from HIV and AIDS.Two months later, Pauley Perrette returned to her volunteer work with the LAPD. Counting the city's homeless to help create a plan that would allow for the construction of affordable housing for those who are in need. It seemed like his soul and his humanity were gone. It was a consequence of our failure as a society to take care of our mentally ill and impaired homeless community." after 15 years, Perrette spoke about how important it was to her that the show had a direct impact on the lives of so many young people, particularly girls.reported that Perrette's efforts go beyond that, noting that she walked the streets to reassure people they were trying to get funding and made a point to visit those she came to know. This influence has been dubbed "The Abby Effect," and it describes how female fans of Perrette's character have been inspired to pursue degrees in math and science.

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