Open graph error validating access token

FYI: expires or expires_in is NOT returned on some edge cases.

The detail and reproductive scenario should be found at Usually long lived tokens live about 60 days while short lived ones live about 2 hours.

This module does NOT provide ways to set and validate parameters for each API endpoint like Facebook:: Graph does with Any:: Moose. Accessor method that returns URL that is used for user authorization.

Instead it provides some basic methods for HTTP request. Accessor method that returns application namespace. Accessor method that returns the maximum number of queries that can be set within a single batch request.

as top level access token, but other than that you can specify indivisual access token for each request.Most of us are used to logging people in using an email address and a hash of their password, but how do you log a user in from Facebook when they never enter a password on your site?Let's look at the best practices for logging a Facebook user into your web app.Facebook:: Open Graph is a Perl interface to handle Facebook's Graph API.This module is inspired by Facebook:: Graph, but mainly focuses on simplicity and customizability because we must be able to keep up with frequently changing API specification.

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