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Click a link and chat with someone living near Cuba now.If you would like to chat in our chat rooms, please click here.Republic of Cuba is a country that is known not only because of its export of cigars, coffee and rum or because of its great resorts that are annually visited, but also by the fact that it has become motherland to such prominent figures as the writer ".

Cuba is an island, located in the Caribbean, south of Florida / United States and has a population of aprox.You may contact our Cuban ladies from your computer or cellphone.If you are interested in one of our ladies you can obtain her contact information and introduce yourself by writing a nice first email.i like to go out dancing i like riding my motorcycle i live in the country now used to live in the city all my life... Im the type of dude that's layed camping,cooking,have a pion for strong woman that dnt play childish games.every woman needs love from a man i truly miss right here i am.

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