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If you live in the IC, the Waterfront Shack isn't that great for you, so you should probably live in the "Guard House", a house in the Elven Gardens District, you can live there (has 4 or 5 beds in the Quarters), you can train there, since the basement is equipped for that.

Put trophies up on display: Rosethorn Hall is good for this.

If you can unlock that door unseen by other guards or use an unlocking spell, you can enter and leave the barracks without incurring a fine.

Being seen in Leyawiin's barracks, unfortunately, will count as trespassing. Entering the one within the city (near the Dockside gate) is trespassing, but the barracks inside the castle is open to the public.

Volunteer in cities; Put on that city's chainmail cuirass. Read the papers; find out where trouble is brewing. Check up on Inns and other settlements outside of cities.

Guards walk around occasionally straightening out drug dealers and terrorists.

Help the citizens of your town out with their problems.

In the IC you could only patrol a couple of Districts per day. Investigate the 'Copious Coinpurse' in the Imperial City. Escort the Bruma countess around Cyrodiil, guard the door to an armory.

Take days off to maybe go to a local inn , go hunting or just relax with some of your other buddies.

Review (and taunt) any prisoners languishing in the dungeon.

Conduct sweeps of the surrounding county by eliminating any bandits or animals that threaten the roads to the city, or clean out the nearest holes that might threaten the citizens.

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Help your fellow guards out if they are attacked or in combat.

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