Nonregisterd chatroom dating site

However, most chatters had their own topics, so it was quite hard for me to join and follow their conversation.

First are the basic questions, like your ethnicity, sexual orientation, what you're looking for, your status, and how often you use the site.

The fastest and the most basic way for you to use the site is to directly join chat rooms as a guest.

However, as a guest or a non-registered user, you are only allowed to enter chat rooms and join the conversation thread but not send private messages.

It was a smooth registration process, I only had to verify my account using the verification code that was sent to my email. I chose the chat room for movie lovers because I really love watching movies.

Unfortunately, the room wasn't active at that time. So I just tried joining the main chat room where most users go to.

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Through this review, you can get to know whether Chat Hour can give you a different chatting experience.

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