Nokia 5800 died after updating

Now it is mostly applicable when you approach the gadget into your ears.

But on the other day, whne I use my fingers to pass on the sensors it wont turned the screen blank. It really is a big change from my previous 5220 and a true multimedia phone. Only thing that dissapoints is the night-time picture quality, it is bad. Build quality is not bad, but I will try and keep it as safe as possible and am also taking insurance on it as the fear of damage is great.

and if u want a touch screen mobile wait and buy n97 it is very good phone, if your buget permits then 5800 is a nice and decent phone. I want to upgrade my nokia 5800I connect it to pc and click on the nokia updater,it can not detect my phone and it says " no phone connected" Any sugessions please? This phone is not ugly at all - if you loved the 6630 you adore this phone - I have it for about 5 days now and can't get enough of it.

if u r thinking of buyin this set, i will say there r better mobiles out there in vast NOKIA`s collection.

Then on the other day, it recognizes my finger again on the sensors.

Am planning to buy 5800 but i heard from many users that the picture quality from camera is good at night that really bad in night times... I really see many Nokia mobiles having bad picture quality at night times hi,, i need help..

i have nokia 5800 too but the box was and the phone was made in china..

i tried updating using this *#0000# and click on options and update.

email me if there is a way to update my phone's firmware..

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