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She could be fined, or sentenced to supervision (which is like probation), community work or a residential period in a Child, Youth and Family Services residence (maximum 3 months).

She didn't get the job and is convinced she has been discriminated against because of her age.

If Aaron's behaviour is of particular concern (perhaps he has offended before) a family group conference may be called under the Children's and Young People's Well-being Act.

Conferences involve family members, including whanau or extended family members, and can include police, teachers, counsellors and social workers.

Are they allowed to join public demonstrations at this age? There is no age restriction on joining public demonstrations or practising religion.

My kids are aged 12 and 10 - can I leave them at home by themselves? Until your children are 14 you can't leave them at home without making reasonable provision for their supervision and care. Can I ask my neighbour's daughter Jennifer, who is 14, to babysit?

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The police could take Carl or Dana back to school or to their homes, but not to a police station.

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